MusicWall is looking for colaborations

Hi, I'm Carlos René Torres, creator of MusicWall.

I started this project as a personal project apart from my regular job as Software Designer at Secuoyas and freelance music producer

At first I did it just for myself because I wanted to show my portfolio as a music producer for my next clients, but soon the project started to receive more and more users.

MusicWall fills a real need and a large percentage of users would be willing to pay for it, a clear proof is the large number of donations I have received without asking for them.

But my ability to attract new users is very limited, I have no marketing skills and my only way is to advertise the project is in few forums.

That's why I need your help.

I have several ideas in mind with which I could create attraction to new users.

If you are more interested in how to start a collaboration, you can contact me at and let's get started together.